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Court Records: To Seal or Not to Seal Part II

The Stark Differences that Distinguish Protective Orders from Orders that Seal Court Records

Article I, Section 17 of the Tennessee Constitution states: "the courts shall be open." As a follow up to his popular CLE, Judge Frank Clement discusses the public's right to access. Topics include: 

  • Public Access Doctrine
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 34
  • Tennessee Public Records Act
  • Exceptions to the Public Access Doctrine
  • “Compelling Reasons” v. “Good Cause”
  • Sealing Records – Individualized Determinations Required
  • Orders Sealing Records Must be “Narrowly Tailored”
  • Tenn. R. Civ. P. 26 Protective Orders May Be Broad 
  • Records on Appeal
  • Sample Orders
  • Recommended Reading

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