Better Right Now 2020


Presented at TBA's Annual Convention 2020, join professor and esteemed author Larry Krieger, TLAP counselor Lindsey O'Connell and the TBA's Attorney Well Being Committee as they guide you through the path to well-being, the key to happiness and equip you with powerful tools and strategies to become a more productive, healthy lawyer. 

Findings from Research Regarding Happiness: Larry Krieger 

Mindfulness for Lawyers: Lindsey O’Connell 

How to Control Stress: Lindsey O’Connell 

Live Panel and Q&A discussion on Attorney Well Being and Challenges during the Pandemic: Julie Sandine, Adam Hill, Brigid Caldwell, Jackie Dixon and Shyanne Riddle.

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So many practical take-always that I can implement immediately. Wonderful program. Thank you!

I found new ways to relieve stress as well as resources I may end up using in the Nashville area.

While I am no stranger to guided meditation, I found the articles very insightful and the fact that the thing that was most linked to happiness was autonomy.

I did follow the meditation instruction during the seminar and it was very helpful. Thank you for providing this knowledge to us. This time of year is already stressful then you add Covid and it can be unbearable. You guys were great!

I found the following sections helpful: "Thinking like a lawyer" can be contradictory to sense of self and career happiness Focus on finding the elements of your job that bring your joy or inspiration Practice gratitude Meditation and calming techniques with breathing exercises

Loved this program! It really helped me realize how badly I need to relax and take better care of myself. Thanks you!

This is probably the best overall CLE I've ever received.

I am not alone in some of the stress and feelings associated with the stress I experience as a practicing attorney.

The speakers were excellent. I really appreciated going through the relaxation technique and learning about how to think better.


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