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Balance Work and Play 2: Finding your Moxie


Do you feel tired and angry most of the time? Are you overwhelmed by work and family demands but feel like you just have to "soldier on"? Together we will reclaim your Moxie to battle stressful events like personal and family illness that knock your work and life out of balance.

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This presentation was the most valuable ethics hour CLE I have done. It has real world application and the presenter is so authentic.

Bravo. Such a brave and strong presentation of the importance of self-care. And such an example of the place that emotion and intuition have in leadership. The presenter clearly loves and cares for those in our profession. She leads us by boldly sharing empathy, advice and cautionary observations gathered along her personal, health, family and professional journeys. She not only shares her story, but offers clear and vey helpful paths to finding peace in the midst of stress and chaos. A generous sharing of a wealth of knowledge. Jam-packed with valuable takeaways. I am suffering with chronic illness though a difficult holiday season, and really needed to hear this advice and encouragement. It was bolstering. Just truly a solace and gift to watch this morning. Thank you, TBA, for sharing this with us.

That I need to work on having a work-life balance - and this gives me a place to start.

Very appreciative of Ms. Griffin's sharing her personal experiences.

She tells a great story. 

Good reminder to try to make some time for self care, which is typically the last item on my to-do list

Good stuff!

How you handled stress during one of the most difficult times of your life was inspirational.Thank you for giving me the tools to better handle mine.

I wanted to say thank you to the presenter for sharing such personal information. Mindfulness is important.

I love how open and transparent this speaker was. For instance, it was refreshing to know that she had a good experience with TLAP in her time of need. I look forward to more of this type of CLE programming to move our profession in a healthier direction.

Love Mary's transparency and realness! Fabulous job! I got up and went walking at lunch and am going to make it a point to be in the moment more.

I appreciated the presenter's candor and wisdom.

I learned that taking care of myself is extremely important. 

Take time for yourself every day and don't get bogged down in work.

We cannot hear often enough that we have to take care of ourselves as well as taking care of our clients, colleagues, and family. Thanks for the reminder.

I would suggest to the speaker that she mention that therapy and medications can be very useful tools for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. 

Fantastic reminders about essential self-care practices.

I really liked this presenter. Even her voice was very slow and calm, which helped calm me down. I liked how she did actual calming exercises right in the middle of the day. I also liked how all of her de-stressing tips were catered to lawyers and realistic about our busy schedules and natural hyper-ness.


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