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Ethics Roadshow 2018 (Nashville):

Join TBA for the annual Ethics Roadshow! Coming to a city near you.

Many ethical issues can be complicated and nuanced. Often those issues are the ones that lend themselves to public presentation because of the layered issues and academic rigor with which they can be tackled. But, sometimes, it is important to step back and focus on the basics. Most instances in which situations really go sour and lawyers end up on the receiving end of discipline involve failures to comply with fundamental ethical obligations.

This year’s Roadshow is going to offer an opportunity to get “back-to-basics” and take a look at significant developments in the world of lawyers during 2018 focused on the five “Cs” that make up a recipe for ethical lawyering no matter what kind of law practice you have: the ethical duties of Competence, Confidentiality, (Avoiding) Conflicts, Communication, and Candor.

And, while past performance is no guarantee of future results (Candor!), at each city, attendees are likely to have slightly more fun and find themselves engaged and mildly more entertained than during most 3-hour discussions of attorney ethics.

Cities include: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson and Johnson City.

Do I Need to Worry About the GDPR?:

This one-hour webcast seeks to present a basic overview of the far reaching EU regulation that when applicable changes the way organizations must collect, maintain, transfer and deal with personal information that can be used to identify actual and potential users of services or goods. The program addresses the circumstances under which organizations operating outside the EU might nevertheless be required to comply with the Regulation, the risk/benefit analysis with respect to whether limiting actions might be taken by such organizations to avoid compliance requirements and, ultimately, what are the basic considerations involved where compliance is required and cannot be avoided.

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Faculty Spotlight: Jenny Howard

Jenny L. Howard serves as General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). As General Counsel, Howard has recruited talented staff and developed a culture of excellent customer service among the 19 attorneys and 14 other professionals in her office who serve as trusted advisors to TDEC’s environmental and conservation programs. 
Before being named General Counsel, Howard served as Deputy General Counsel and Senior Counsel for Legislative Affairs for TDEC. Jenny was selected by TDEC to attend the 2014 Tennessee Government Executive Institute and has remained involved in that organization by serving as the Newsletter Chair, 2014 Class Representative, and a Steering Committee Member-at-Large. Jenny was a founding member of TDEC’s Talent Management Advisory Committee in 2013 and completed TDEC’s Green Leadership series. Howard has received recognition, such as being nominated and voted as a 2018 Nashville Business Journal Best of the Bar in Environmental Law and being nominated and named a Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leader finalist in the environmental category. 

Jenny will be speaking at the Administrative Law Forum, November 16 at the Tennessee Bar Center.