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Hot Topics in Real Estate 2019: This program, produced in cooperation with the Tennessee Land Title Association, is a staple for Tennessee dirt lawyers, designed to keep you on the cutting edge of developments in your practice. The hot topics forum will include legislative updates, split closing issues, FIRPTA, opportunity zones, ethics and more. Do not default on this opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals while building relationships with colleagues of associated practice.

Balance Work and Play 3: Finding the Center:

Are you overwhelmed by work? Family? Personal or family health issues? Is taking time for yourself selfish?

In this session we will explore some tools to find that place in the middle of the teeter totter that holds the balance-if even only briefly so you can explore physical and mental well-being. 

Learn more about TBA's Attorney Well being Committee here.

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Faculty Spotlight: Joanna McCracken

Joanna McCracken is an attorney, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. She is one of the two managing partners of Piper McCracken, PLLC, a Nashville law firm that focuses on family law.
She is the founder of Mind Your Business, LLC – an organization that holds custom-tailored wellbeing workshops for business professionals and their organizations teaching meditation, mindfulness, and yoga techniques to overcome occupational stress and create healthier working environments for companies, their employees, and their clients.

Joanna understands first-hand the pressures and strain of working in a high-stress profession. Her primary area of practice is divorce - one of the most emotionally-charged areas of law. In addition, Joanna is a single parent of two busy daughters. It is her knowledge and practice of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga that has enabled her, not only to manage the high demands of her professional and personal life, but to appreciate, enjoy, and thrive in each area.

Her law firm embodies the promotion of a balanced life, ensuring each employee’s personal wellbeing comes first. The result is a firm of happy, healthy, well-rested individuals who have the energy and focus needed to provide the best client experience. The firm’s attorneys are the recipients of multiple client-satisfaction awards. Joanna and her law partner co-founded The Balanced Life Movement – an advocacy and awareness group that promotes the cultivation of a balanced life through events, seminars, tools and initiatives that provide encouragement, support, and accountability.
In addition, she is an active member of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Wellbeing Committee. She gives wellbeing presentations on the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga at CLE conferences, legal seminars, and law schools.