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Ethics Homeshow: AI, Ethics Rules and More! The Song Remains the Same: Ethics guru, Brian Faughnan is back with TBA’s always entertaining, yearly ethics tradition. Riddle us this. What do Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Matthew McConaughey, Artificial Intelligence and the Ethics Rules have in common? We'll give you a minute to think about that.

The answer: This live virtual seminar! When it comes to the evolution of legal practice and the ethics rules, The Times, They Are A-Changin’ yet The Song Remains the Same. Alright? Alright. Do you know what the Ethics Rules say about AI? What are some of the latest updates that you may not have seen or heard about in 2023? What can I expect in 2024? These are just a couple of the themes and topics we will explore whether you are at a firm, in-house or a solo practitioner.

Tune in on December 5 to learn more and fulfill your ethics requirement before December 31! 

Please bring your questions and participate in the STUMP BRIAN challenge to win a prize, after all it's the holidays. 

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Corporate Counsel 2023: Ethical Issues for In-house Counsel and Ethics Update from the Board of Professional Responsibility: The Board of Professional Responsibility recently issued Formal Ethics Opinion 2022-F-168; join Laura Chastain, ethics counsel for the BPR, as she discusses this opinion and others. Topics include:

Whether a lawyer has to be licensed in TN to practice as in-house counsel in TN;
Whether a lawyer who resides and is domiciled outside of Tennessee, who is working remotely as full-time, in-house counsel for an organization that has its principal place of business in Tennessee (and offices in other states), who is admitted to the practice of law only in a jurisdiction other than Tennessee, and who is not registered as in-house counsel in Tennessee is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law;
Other ethical issues for in-house counsel;
An ethics update covering new ethics opinions and other news from the Board of Professional Responsibility.

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Faculty Spotlight: Jerry Taylor

Join Jerry for the Administrative Law Forum and earn 3 hours of CLE; December 8 in Nashville. Register today!

Jerry W. Taylor is a veteran healthcare attorney in the areas of regulatory compliance and administrative law with a focus on state agencies and departments. He has formerly served as General Counsel to the state agency responsible for the certificate of need program, and as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Tennessee, where he was primarily responsible for the defense and prosecution of civil suits involving public health care issues. Following this public service, he entered into the private practice of law in 1994.

Mr. Taylor's background affords him a broad and balanced knowledge of laws and regulations affecting the health care industry, and the ability to effectuate practical solutions to legal concerns of clients. He has successfully represented clients including hospitals, physicians, long term care providers, surgery centers, imaging centers, home health and hospice providers and others in obtaining certificates of need, licenses, and other regulatory approvals for the establishment and operations of health care facilities and services. Other areas of practice in which he has significant experience include professional licensing, Medicare and Medicaid issues, Stark and anti-kickback laws, and physician contracting.