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Business Law Forum 2018:

The 2018 TBA Business Law Forum will focus on emerging technologies that are affecting, or will soon affect, business lawyers across Tennessee. It will include an introduction to distributed ledger technology, including the blockchain, and a discussion of how this technology is being applied to transform electronic record-keeping in a variety of fields.

The forum will also address cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and “initial coin offerings” of virtual currencies. Sessions will be dedicated to the public policy and regulatory implications of distributed ledger technology and virtual currencies, as well as the ethical implications for business lawyers whose practices intersect with these technologies. The forum is designed both for lawyers who are dealing with these cutting-edge technologies every day in their practices and those who are simply interested in becoming more knowledgeable about them.

Crash Course CLE: Document Design for Lawyers:

Are you still holding down the space bar or tab key to move your signature block across the page? Repeatedly hitting the return key to push your certificate of service to the next page? What about those tables of contents for appellate briefs? Do you know how to format them properly? Effective document design about much more than aesthetics. It shows professionalism, gives you credibility, and even saves your clients money. Legal writer Tiffany Johnson of QP Legal will teach you how to make the most of Microsoft Word when drafting legal documents.

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Faculty Spotlight: Laura Chastain

Laura Chastain is Ethics Counsel for the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. She is licensed in Tennessee, Texas and Kentucky and has been in private practice as in-house counsel for a Tennessee corporation.

Laura has previously served as a hearing committee member for the Board of Professional Responsibility and was Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel for 17 years. Laura has been a speaker at Continuing Legal Education Seminars and has been teaching Ethics and Professionalism classes at the Nashville School of Law since 2003.