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Captive Insurance Recent Developments (2017 Tax Reform and more)
This session will cover the current events affecting the captive insurance industry. We will go over the changes made in the 2015 PATH Act and subsequent developments in the wake of those changes, including recent PATH Act amendments made in the 2018...
Add to Cart 06/20 Webcast Online
Fastcase 2018: Introduction to Boolean (Keyword) Searches
This webinar is designed for users who are already familiar with the basics of Fastcase but are new to Boolean (keyword) searches. ...
06/21 Fastcase Training Online
Law in Real Life
What are some of the most common legal issues clients need assistance with and what do I need to know to work with them? Law in Real Life explores four key areas that everyday clients need most: ...
Add to Cart 06/25 On Site Nashville
Topgolf CLE: Estate Planning Tee-Off
The TBA Estate Planning and Probate Section will host a CLE event at Topgolf Nashville on June 26. The program will feature 2.5 hours of CLE programming, focused on information relevant to new attorneys interested in Estate Planning and lawyers who desire...
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Balance Work and Play 2: Finding your Moxie
Do you feel tired and angry most of the time? Are you overwhelmed by work and family demands but feel like you just have to "soldier on"? Together we will reclaim your Moxie to battle stressful events like personal and family illness that knock your work...
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Adoption Law Forum 2018
This new program presented by the Tennessee Bar Association's recently formed Adoption Law Section will focus on changes to adoption law including a session about modifications to Tennessee's Adoption Code and the First in Adoption Act sponsored by the...
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Condo Law From Every Angle
Catch up on the popular type of housing for downtown living and mixed-housing suburbs with this program. Sessions will give you a full and complete review of Tennessee's Condo Law practice. Experts who have worked on the development and practice of...
Add to Cart 06/29 On Site Nashville
Fastcase 2018: Introduction to Legal Research
This webinar is designed for new Fastcase users. The presentations cover basic Fastcase features with a focus on case law searches and statute searches. ...
07/05 Fastcase Training Online
Court Records: To Seal or Not to Seal
Article I, Section 17 of the Tennessee Constitution states: "the courts shall be open." Hear from Judge Frank Clement on this and the public's right to access. Topics include: A judge's supervisory discretion over court records, Tennessee Public Records...
Add to Cart 07/10 Webcast Online
Fastcase 2018: Advanced Tips for Enhanced Legal Research
This presentation offers a quick refresher on case law search basics as well as a number of research tips that highlight advanced features. ...
07/12 Fastcase Training Online
282 Course Found