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Blockchain for Health Care


In this session you will learn about Blockchain technology from attorney AJ Bahou. He will discuss an introduction to Blockchain technology, how it works, and applications in Health Care. Then he will talk about cryptography, the terms associated with this new technology, and discuss how Blockchain will affect our practice of law in Health Care.

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A basic understanding of a complex topic.

Blockchain is immutable; in the future, patients will have control of their medical records and providers will access the patient's hub of information. Blockchain authenticity can be set by arbitration confirmation rules (e.g., 50% plus one). Blockchain accounts are no FDIC insured. Once a blockchain transaction occurs the transaction is posted globally as a check to ensure authenticity.

I am in the healthcare world and it was interesting to hear some of the legal/business ramifications that block chain will have on the way business is conducted.

Amazing the potential applications to make doctors' lives easier.

I did not realize how much I did not know on this topic. Thank you for this presentation.

I did gain insight into the way this technology will be utilized in the future and, no doubt, is being utilized by some now. The particulars were somewhat over my head.

Nice presentation on a complex topic

I enjoyed getting an introduction to the technology as well as the security basics. The presenter also did a good job of showing how the architecture and infrastructure of blockchain works. I left the presentation with a better understanding of how blockchain works and the benefits and risks of using it in the healthcare space. The information on the potential uses of blockchain outside of the healthcare space put the technology in the context of the intersection of law and technology in general.

Good content and explanation


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