Elder Law, Ethics

Elder Law: Ethics


Most Elder Law attorneys provide public benefits planning and so we’ve probably all had people question the ethics of Medicaid planning. Medicaid estate planning strategies may allow some elderly or disabled persons and their spouses to preserve some or all their excess resources for themselves, their spouses or their families rather than spending them for nursing home care. Medicaid estate planning, however has been and remains, controversial.  In this session Attorney Barbara McGinnis will discuss the Legal Ethics of Medicaid Planning. The viewer will identify ethical issues related to Medicaid planning and asset protection, develop a framework to analyze these ethical issues, and understand the role of SNT in resolving some of the ethical issues.


Helpful content re: client identification / attention to who the client truly is.

As a newer elder law practitioner, it helped learning more about what is expected of me and the practice area and to feel justified in what service I am providing for my clients. The most important thing I learned was the need to make the client know more in future meetings if they are to occur with the children as well.

Great insight on the duty to the elder's care versus bankrupting the elder

Very philosophical. Could use more real life examples of pitfalls or issues.


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