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GDPR & US Companies


Tara Aaron will guide you the major changes taking place in how data privacy and control of personal data is being regulated. Privacy scandals at companies like Facebook have caused widespread consumer outrage and are causing U.S. legislators to take notice. As marketplaces become more global and our clients do business outside the borders of the U.S., they will need to understand how to comply with regulations about how they store, use, and share their customers; personal information, and what kind of consent they need to do that. Privacy laws are beginning to change the landscape of online marketing as well.

Ms. Aaron will give you an overview of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from Europe which went into effect in May 2018 and which affect every company in the world doing business with customers located in the European Union. She will also update you on current and pending privacy and data security legislation in Tennessee and in other states. Discover what needs be in your clients privacy policies, what companies need to do to prepare for a data breach and how best to respond to it when it occurs.

Great overview of GDPR with practical examples.

Excellent presenter - concise explanation of the GDPR.

Great summary of evolving privacy / data protection law, and how it affects U.S. companies.

Helpful information regarding distinctions between US and EU privacy policy approaches.


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