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Tort and Appellate: Mindfulness


Mindfulness has been all the rage in the past few years. It is viewed as essential to some, common practice to others and downright ridiculous to yet others. At the same time, lawyers and the legal profession have come to face increasingly worrisome challenges from mental illness and substance abuse. This session defines the concept of mindfulness, describes and illustrates common mindfulness practices and articulates benefits of mindfulness that may help lawyers in safely, calmly, and even joyfully navigating challenges in, and between, their professional and private lives.




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She is awesome! This really brings home the perspective of clearing space in your mind so that you can properly function as a lawyer. Namaste.

How simple breathing and stretching exercises can have a beneficial cumulative effect.

The seminar was very helpful and held my interest.

I really appreciated the practical tips on how to start a mindfulness practice. I also enjoyed learning how it can help reduce stress and about the other positive benefits of mindfulness.

Excellent and inspiring!

A good reminder that mindfulness matters, and the challenges our profession presents can be exacerbated by certain factors that we have the ability to control. (Frankly, I think this presentation would have been much better in person. I had Prof. Heminway in law school, and she was great. Sitting in the chair to demonstrate mindfulness poses is absolutely something I could've seen her doing. In other words, I'm not knocking Prof. Heminway; I simply think the substance lends itself better to in-person viewing.)

I'm familiar with meditation, but not yoga, so this course was helpful.

Felt like this presentation had a lot of practical applications.

Professor Hemingway is an excellent presenter and this was a good topic.


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