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Balance Work and Play 3: Finding the Center


Are you overwhelmed by work? Family? Personal or family health issues? Is taking time for yourself selfish? In this session we will explore some tools to find that place in the middle of the teeter totter that holds the balance-if even only briefly so you can explore physical and mental well-being. You are not required to take Balance Work and Play 1 nor 2!

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Pearls of truth. Totally relatable.

Loved the personal stories.. seeing what works for someone else is helpful

This is one of the best CLEs I have ever watched and I cannot say enough good things about the content and the presenter. Ms. Griffin was real and relatable and did not shy away from uncomfortable topics. I honestly think this should be a required hour for all lawyers. So beneficial.

It is just another affirmation that I need to take time for my own health. I liked hearing the stats regarding Tennessee's mental health and suicide compared to other professions like doctors.

I appreciated the insights on health as it relates to our performance in our workplace, and while I empathize with the presenter's personal health struggles, it seemed to overshadow the content. I would have liked more in the way of proactive suggestions for balancing work and life.

Interesting insight about anxiety and depression and their cures.

What a wonderful CLE! Such an inspirational story and speaker. Thank you for sharing your story, Mary! A renewed spirit.

Great presentation! Extremely useful information.

Really enjoyed program where comments were so heartfelt.

Great job by Mary!

Very helpful to hear someone who has lived it, talk openly about these topics.

I am relaxed. I am doing okay

Insights in balancing my life.

Rest. Nourish. Move. (Ms. Griffin deserves admiration - not only for persevering and overcoming, but also for her service to others by presenting on a very personal topic.)

Great course and very on point!

I really appreciated the authenticity of Ms. Griffin and her willingness to include some of her own story. She was very relatable and knowledgeable about the topic.

I knew that lawyers had high rates of alcohol/drug issues along with divorce but I never thought of it as a means of coping with loneliness and I found that material and article interesting.

Great topic which we need to hear more about it.


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