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Law Tech 2020: The Bill and Phil Show


Bill and Phil look at the state of technology heading into the decade of the 20’s. So much has been promised with the booming technological revolution. Many promises have been kept; but others have proven to be elusive. The presenters showcase the latest technology trends for law firms that have proven to be revolutionary and practical. They examine the role of the Cloud and mobility in the ongoing transformation of the legal tech space; and how the utility of the Cloud has evolved over the past decade. Also, Bill and Phil will unveil some of the latest gadgets and innovations that every legal professional will want.


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these guys were awesome

Love this. So funny with the bike at the end! Loved the discussion on 5G and WIFI 6 and making sure tech is compatible when considering purchases this year. Would really love to know the name of the highlighter that copies to Ipad and computer. This is a tool that would save a lot of time.

The breakdown on new laptops was extremely informative. The discussion on the surface was interesting to make sure new devices are operating like a computer and not a cell phone. The legal implications of cloud storage was also informative and how to best protect client data within ethical rules.

These guys are so entertaining. I would love to see them do more presentations! I will be googling devices the rest of the day.

Excellent, enjoyable and very relevant

Information on cloud technology -- the ethics opinion on use of cloud technology for client data and the transition from servers to the cloud through various cloud applications -- was useful.

Helpful and insightful; thank you!

A very lively and informative program. Bill and Phil could do a touring roadshow.

Presenters were both smart and funny, kept my interest throughout.


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