Tennessee Law in the Time of Pandemic Disease


This webcast, based on the March 2020 Tennessee Bar Journal cover story, will go into the latest information on what Tennessee lawyers need to know about the recent Pandemic; COVID-19. Topics include Relevant Tennessee Statutory Provisions, Applicable Regulations and Rights Under Quarantine or Isolation. Content is changing daily.

This webcast is offered at no cost to TBA members and nonmembers.

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Great speaker.

Obviously relevant!

This webinar provided both good legal and practical advice in assisting clients with regards to COVID-19

This presentation was very helpful and insightful in light of our current situation. I appreciate the focus on Tennessee law.

Very helpful to have the statutory provisions and authority. I am already getting calls about the government overstepping their constitutional authority and now have somewhere specific to refer to.

Thanks for offering this!

I am the stand-in attorney for our county, so this helped me know which court to file in if we have to use the court to intervene (glad he clarified Circuit at the end because now I know). It also gave me guidance as to which laws to cite to.

good job and thank you for this timely presentation

Interesting program.

Thank you!

Very thorough and helpful course

Thank you so much for this very informative and timely presentation. I had to circle back around because of the volume of perople trying to watch. Keep up the good work.

excellent and updated supplement to the Journal article

Good job

Very knowledgeable speaker.


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    • Up-to-date information on the current health concern
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