Understanding and Confronting Unconscious Bias


This presentation provides information designed to help lawyers and all of us avoid bias in our decisions and to better respond to allegations of bias from clients or other third parties. Learn how to confront Implicit Bias and utilize exercises that help us reveal biases to better understand its impact on the decision-making process.

The participants will also gain an understanding of Microaggressions, the issues they cause and receive tools for improving cross-cultural communication organizationally and individually.

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It was quite informative on unconscious bias. I did not realize how much these permeated our everyday lives.

Very helpful course and super informative. - implicit bias is bias that is like a habit. - do stuff outside of your own cultural comfort zone to help combat this bias - companies can take steps to deter implicit bias in hiring and the workplace

The story about saying "What" to his wife reminded me of my children when I would tell them "Maybe." My oldest smarted off that always means no. Perception has a lot to do with how everyone views the world. This presentation was great.

This is the best seminar I've witnessed in years. Every lawyer, and perhaps every Staff member, should watch this one or more times. I really appreciate the insights and thoughtfulness of Mr. Wright's work.

I enjoyed Mr. Wright's presentation. Particularly the 5 helpful tips, and the "Create diverse and inclusive experiences" suggestion to engage staff with cultural food nights and musical events. I also appreciated the speaker's personal anecdotes - like attending a country music concert - to overcome his own biases.

This was very well-done and I learned a lot. THank you.

Exellent presentation; open and honest

Brilliant presentation

Regardless of the amount of training in this area that I take, I always learn something new and invaluable.

Luther is an excellent and informative presenter. I learned a lot from him!

Mr. Wright presented the information in an engaging format and held my attention with his exercises. I learned about some of my own unconscious biases and how they may have been formed. I also learned about ways to become more aware of those biases and to attempt to mitigate them.


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