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Family Law 2021: The Art of ART Law in Tennessee


Millions of people turn to the advances in reproductive technology to grow their families each year. As family law attorneys, that means many of our clients have either used some type of assisted reproductive technology and it is important to be able to advise them properly. In this presentation, we will explore the foundations of Surrogacy, Embroyo, and Gamete Donation Agreements and how the Uniform Parenting Act, should Tennessee adopt, would affect surrogacy and adoption in Tennessee. We will also discuss the disposition of embryo and donated sperm/egg in the event of death or divorce.


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Very interesting

Great presentation and helpful information. Thanks for sharing!

Very complex area of the law

Loved this presentation. Very insightful on a cutting-edge field.

Good mix of technical legal information with practical considerations for contracts. Engaging presenters and interesting presentation.


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