Ethics, Business Law

Business Law Forum 2022: Ethical Considerations and Some Dilemmas in Representing Business Entities in Tennessee (and Perhaps Beyond)


Among other ethical and professional responsibility considerations involved in representing organizational clients, the business lawyer must be mindful of the fundamental issue of who the client is. Particularly when representing small businesses with individual owners involved, this issue is not always one that is straightforward. Regardless of the type of legal entity involved, business lawyers need to be mindful of their ethical responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of the business entity. This session will address a number of ethical considerations and scenarios that may arise for business lawyers and their law firms representing small and midsize businesses.


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Great job on participating with the audience. Wish this was one I could have attended live.

Hicks did a terrific job covering joint representation issues which come up often in business litigation.

Information regarding taking on new clients and checking them out was good.


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