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How to Take Charge of Technology Ethically & Mindfully


Do you control your digital life or does it control you? Whether texting, emailing, posting on social media, or browsing the Web, many people are at the mercy of their digital devices. Indeed, Internet addiction is on the rise and is linked to mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. In 2019, the average American checked their phone 96 times a day. By the end of 2021, that figure skyrocketed to 344 times a day―a 3.5 times increase since the start of the pandemic. Those suffering from severe internet addiction are 8 times more likely to be depressed, 9 times more likely to have anxiety, and 14 times more likely to experience both of these mental health concerns.

Join attorneys Becky Howlett and Cindy Sharp, as they present their latest class with strategies designed to help attorneys manage and even unplug from the digital world - ethically and mindfully.

In this timely program, we will explore:

  • Dangers of digital addiction on mental health and well-being
  • Ethical ramifications of mismanaged use of technology, including relevant Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Suggestions for creating an organizational digital policy
  • Specific steps to mindfully disconnect from the digital world

This is a great opportunity to earn your Ethics credit before December 31! 


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Good presentation.

Very good

I learned about how much time I spend on my phone each day and how technology has created a lot of anxiety about needing to get everything done immediately. The mindfulness exercises are helpful and so are creating policies of amounts of times a day to look at email, etc.

Good speakers. Learned a lot.

A very informative and helpful course! The speakers were well organzied!

The program was a great reminder to set work/personal life boundaries. I appreciated the reminder to periodically unplug. The guided meditation at the end of the session was a pleasant surprise!

They were interesting and motivating to try and get control of this.

Really informative. Excellent tips on email, especially with efficiency and only checking periodically. Also enjoyed the meditation at the end. Thanks!


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