Ethics, Diversity, Equity Inclusion

Making “Difficult Communications” Less Difficult: Best Practices and Strategies for Success


This presentation examines the five barriers to healthy communications and provides strategies for addressing each and identifies the most common communication mistakes employers make. The presentation also provides tips for individuals to become better communicators and explores de-escalation techniques.

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Dr. Wright was very engaging and lively. His cadence and tone are appealing and easily to listen to. The material and insight he offered is very valuable especially in the atmosphere we find ourselves in today. Dr. Wright is correct that we are living in perhaps one of the most divisive times in recent history and being able to approach difficult or opposing conversations is a required skill that must be continually honed. I found his take on humor particularly interesting. I have found myself, perhaps unintentionally, in the past using humor to deflect or lighten a tense situation. Dr. Wright's take on this approach was interesting. The idea that humor can actually insult someone was not something that I immediately considered. He is correct that this may come across as poking fun at the person or their personal perspective rather than an effort to diffuse the situation at hand. I will most certainly be mindful of this in future dealings. I particularly enjoyed the way he explained how to develop the conversation that might lead to a tense situation. Prep - Craft - Deliver. I think breaking down the information in this format will allow me to better communicate difficult topics as well as anticipate responses.

Excellent presentation with practical suggestions for communicating difficult situations in the workplace. I especially liked the statistical information at the end.

I was impressed by the content and Luther's delivery. Very useful information.

Very engaging speaker.

Thank you, Luther. This was my favorite and most useful and practical CLE in the last 10 years!

Excellent presentation - I can tell Mr. Wright practices what he preaches every day!

Mr. Wright is one phenomenal speaker who addresses a difficult topic which is even more difficult to achieve in real life. This is a CLE that should be required for all attorneys!


Very well presented

Practicing difficult conversations a head of time with another person may help us see flaws or oversights.

Overall engaging presentation and appreciated the guidance on what it takes to be an inclusive leader -Great point -Listening to understand vs listening to argue with an individual -100% agree that fear is one of the biggest obstacles in approaching difficult communications - and appreciated his points in how to overcome that. -Good note on active listening, not reacting/responding unless asked to do so

Many interesting points of view and insights that I can use in my practice.

Luther is always fantastic and had great tips on how to have difficult conversations in addition to factors to keep in mind when doing so.

It was an interesting topic, and he was an interesting presenter.


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