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From Bach to Beyonce: What Musical Arrangements Teach About Legal Writing


It’s all about putting things in the right order. It’s about different pieces interacting in a way that makes sense. No, Stuart Teicher is not talking about a symphony or your favorite pop song, he’s talking about your legal writing. In this interesting program, Stuart will tackle the hardest part of legal writing — the organization phase. He’ll teach us how to create a mind map, and he’ll get into the details about outlining. In the end you’ll learn how to put together a legal writing that will make others sing your praises.

This program will be rebroadcasted in December.

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This speaker is entertaining in addition to being knowledgeable. He keeps my interest.

Great reminders of what we already knew. Love the mindmapping suggestion - these worked well for me in law school. Of course, time and habit are the two biggest challenges, but making the time will reinforce the habit.

The presentation was informative and entertaining. I learned a lot of information that I can immediately put to use in my legal writing. Presenter was very well prepared and put together a unique and unforgettable program.

I have used thinking maps frequently in other things, I was good to Teicher take on thinking maps.

Very unique and helpful approach!

Interesting approach to improve legal writing.

Engaging, interesting, and knowledgeable presenter. Good tips.

Good lecture.

Great course. Lively, engaging, and useful. Thanks!

Nice writing refresher.


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