Professional Development, Ethics

Eight Reasons Movie-Lawyers Would Be Disciplined


Attorneys in film are constantly violating the ethics rules. Of course, the public probably doesn’t realize it, but us lawyers need to make sure that we don’t repeat these sometimes ridiculous gaffes. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he explains the sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle ethics violations committed by lawyers in movies and on TV. Topics will include:
-When judges and lawyers do ridiculous things in the court room. Rule 3.5
-How fictional lawyers are constantly disrupting a tribunal. Rule 3.4(d)
-Self promotion is a problem in real life and fiction. Rule 7.1

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Entertaining and reinforced some of the very important rules!

Really fun way to discuss ethics. Thank you bringing in generalities as well as TN specific language and rules.

This guy is always the best. Keep engaging him for CLE. Keep paying him. He’s worth every penny!

Teicher was very insightful and entertaining during this presentation.

He always is very informative and his use of movie clips holds attention for his ethics explanations following.

Presenter did a great job of walking through the rules in an entertaining way. The review of the rules is important and helpful.

Interesting, informative, and entertaining.

I selected my ethics courses based on the title and description. I did not know I was choosing Stuart for all of them. He is a wonderful teacher and really knows how to make learning engaging and fun. Thanks, Stuart.

These are very good because you can relate to the movie.


Very good. Clever use of examples.


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