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Business Law Forum 2023: Securities Law Lessons from Recent Crypto Litigation and Bankruptcies


The cryptocurrency industry is facing legal challenges from various stakeholders, including regulators, investors, and creditors. This session helps lawyers understand how securities laws apply to digital assets and how recent legal proceedings, such as those involving Gemini, FTX, and Ripple, illustrate these legal principles in practice. Covered topics include:

- When digital assets are classified as securities under U.S. federal securities laws (e.g., applications of the Howey and Reves tests) and implications for issuers and intermediaries;
- Recent SEC enforcement actions against crypto companies and what lawyers can learn from these cases about meeting legal requirements; and
- Best practices for lawyers advising crypto clients to avoid and manage professional responsibilities and legal risks in this fast-evolving area of law.

Professor Joan Heminway, The University of Tennessee College of Law

Alex Davie, Riggs Davie

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