Real Estate Law

Hot Topics in Real Estate 2023: For Whom the Bell Tolls - It tolls for thee, but who can sign the deed?


When a church or religious organization is involved in a real estate transaction, it can be tricky on who has the authority to execute documents. These organizations operate by a variety of rules with some being very well documented and some can be almost nonexistent. This course will help guide you through labyrinth of liturgy to discover who can sign the deed.

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I was so pleasantly surprised to find this CLE offering today! This is a topic that I have been interested in learning about for many years and it was SO fantastic to hear from a speaker that so well versed in this subject. I very much enjoyed this CLE. Thank you!

Good program.

Great examples and rules of thumb for when an organization's structure/documents don't quite line up with the law/available resources.


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