What Overrated Rock Bands Teach About Attorney Ethics


The title says all. Stuart Teicher (the CLE Performer) thinks that some iconic bands are overrated. And he also believes that the reasons explaining why they’re overrated provide good ethics lessons for lawyers.

The bands (and ethics issues) we’ll address are…

  • Bruce has been terrible since the 80s (Competence, Rule 1.1, Comment [8])
  • Led Zeppelin stole their best stuff (Misconduct, Rule 8.4(b))
  • Metallica has one good song. That’s it. And their drummer annoys me (Professionalism vs. ethics in the law)
  • The Foo Fighters are Leaps and Bounds Better than Dave Grohl’s old band (Former conflicts, Rule 1.9
  • The Oasis brothers are a couple of babies (Fighting in the practice and Rule 3.4)
  • and more. Including Pink Floyd. Maybe the worst offender of all.

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July 11, 2024
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