What to Watch out for in a Post-COVID World: 3 Dual Hours


Distance communication is here to stay, and supervising lawyers in a post-COVID world is going to be unique. In this program the “CLE Performer” Stuart Teicher, Esq., explores the challenges facing lawyers in a remote environment (Rule 5.1); staying aware of the dangers of using remote technologies (Rule 1.6 & Privilege Issues); and a bit about new technological issues (Rule 1.1).



The Three C’s: Competence, Communication, and COVID:

Distance communication is here to stay for a while...and that brings new issues with both competence and communication. In this hour we’ll talk about tech, Rule 1.1, and Rule 1.4.


Turn and Face the Strange Changes:

Whether it’s the challenges of remote supervision, or the new paradigms about lawyer liability being foisted onto the practice, there are changes ahead for lawyers. In this hour we’ll talk about Rules 5.1, 5.3, 2.1, and more.


Protesting Puts Lawyers in a Precarious Position:

Lawyers want to make their voice heard. But what are the ethical implications of doing so? And...wait...is it possible that lawyers are encouraged to protest? Come learn about Rule 8.4 and key sections of the Preamble to the code.


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