2021 Ethics Homeshow Package: Ethics Peril!


Experience TBA CLE's popular Ethics tradition with Brian Faughnan of Lewis Thomason. 

Our presenter said that he hoped last year’s Ethics Homeshow would be the first and only, but, alas, we’re still not out of the woods.  So … we Zoom again.  However, no one (especially Brian) wants to stare at Brian’s mug on a screen for 3 hours so we’re mixing things up even more. 

For 2021, we will be playing a little game we are calling “Ethics Peril!”  For those familiar with the format, this will mean that lurking and available for discussion over the two sessions will be 6 categories of content divided up into 5 options, resulting in 30 unique topics of ethical discussion.

Unfortunately, as with another answer and question competition bearing a synonymous title, the 2021 Ethics Homeshow: Ethics Peril! also will not be hosted by LeVar Burton.

Don’t jeopardize your chance to be in on all of the fun and register for Ethics Peril! on-demand package today. 

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