Faculty Profile: Elaine Beeler

Elaine BeelerClerk & Master Williamson Co, Chancery Ct
Previous Courses Taught (10)
  • Estate Planning 2020: Probate Panel
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2021
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2020
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2019
  • Transactional Practice: Probate Issues
  • Elder Law Forum 2018
  • Transactional Practice 2017 - Nashville
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2017
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2016
  • Estate Planning & Probate Forum 2015

Elaine B. Beeler serves as the Clerk and Master for Williamson County Chancery Court.  She was appointed in April, 1998, by the Circuit Judges serving as Chancellors for a six-year term and reappointed in 2004 and 2010.  Previously, she served as an Assistant Public Defender for the Twenty-First Judicial District.   As Clerk and Master, she hears all probate matters including conservatorship and guardianship proceedings, with the exception of solemn form probates and will contests.  She is a member of the Williamson County Bar Association, where she served in 2012-2013 as President, and is chairman of the pro bono committee.  She is Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the 21st Drug Court, manager of the Williamson County Governmental Law Library, and ADA coordinator for Williamson County Judicial Center.