Faculty Profile: Ramona DeSalvo

Ramona DeSalvoDeSalvo Law Firm PLLC
Previous Courses Taught (4)
  • Tennessee Fashion Law: Protecting Brands
  • Copyright Terminations: Rights and Proper Notice
  • Copyright Terminations: Rights and Proper Notice
  • Copyright Terminations: Rights and Proper Notice

Ramona P. DeSalvo's practice focuses exclusively in the entertainment industry. Ms. DeSalvo attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she received her A.B. degree in Political Science in 1976. She attended the University of San Francisco law school for two years, transferring to the University of Cincinnati, College of Law upon her appointment as a Fellow at the Morgan Institute for Human Rights. Ms. DeSalvo was admitted to practice in Tennessee, Ohio and California, practicing as a trial attorney for the past 37 years.
Pursuing her interest in music, Ms. DeSalvo owned a licensed California talent agency and was a concert promoter and personal manager. Ms. DeSalvo maintained offices in Carmel, California and Nashville, Tennessee, making the move to Nashville complete in 1997. She maintained a Music Row law practice for several years before joining the entertainment and litigation sections of a Nashville law firm. She performed transactional entertainment work largely on behalf of songwriters, music publishers, and artists, but primarily was responsible for complex copyright litigation matters including In Re Napster litigation, the Bridgeport Music litigation that addressed cutting edge issues in music sampling (the "George Clinton case"), and the Eight Mile Style/F.B.T. Productions litigation in Michigan and California, addressing, among other things, unauthorized DPD licensing of musical compositions to digital music providers (the "Eminem case"). Ms. DeSalvo represents clients in all aspects of the entertainment industry, including songwriters, producers, independent record labels, recording artists, music educators, fine arts, literary authors, screenwriters, film makers, music publishers, videographers, photographers, among oth