Faculty Profile: John Winemiller

John WinemillerMerchant & Gould, P.C.800 S. Gay Street, Suite 2150 Knoxville, TN 37929 Work Phone: (865) 380-5977Website: www.merchantgould.comEmail Address:
Previous Courses Taught (11)
  • Safeguarding Trade Secrets
  • Safeguarding Trade Secrets
  • Intellectual Property: CLE Bytes 2017
  • LGBT: Employment Law and Healthcare
  • LGBT Law Annual Forum 2015: The Post Tanco World
  • E-Discovery Workshop: The View from the Bench
  • E-Discovery Workshop: The Practitioner's Toolbox
  • E-Discovery Workshop: An E-Discovery Primer for Practitioners
  • E-Discovery Workshop
  • E-Discovery Workshop
  • E-Discovery Workshop

As an attorney who represents a broad range of intellectual property clients from electronic pet products manufacturers and automotive parts suppliers to home builders and internet entrepreneurs, John is continually challenged to learn about new businesses and technologies and to apply legal principles in new and changing environments. His ability to understand and articulate complex concepts in a way that decision-makers can understand helps him to proactively and effectively assist his clients in protecting their intellectual property assets.

John is a member of Merchant & Gould’s litigation team in the Knoxville office. In addition to intellectual property litigation, John’s legal practice and background includes a variety of commercial litigation matters, including the defense of class action, toxic tort, and product liability suits, as well as securities, contractual, real estate, and employment disputes.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, John received an M.A. and Ph.D. in music history and theory from the University of Chicago, where he taught before joining the faculty of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. John’s academic research focused on the nexus between the creative process and eighteenth-century conceptions of intellectual property. His fascination with the theory of ownership of ideas led him to law school and, ultimately, to Merchant & Gould.

John serves on the diversity and conflicts committees at the firm. He represents arts groups, civil rights groups, and disability advocacy groups pro bono. In his spare time, John enjoys reading, historic preservation, music performance, cooking, exercise, and travel.