Faculty Profile: Norma Shirk

Norma ShirkCorporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC
Previous Courses Taught (21)
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2019
  • Principles of Practice: Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2018
  • Principles of Practice: Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2017
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2016
  • Corporate Counsel 2015: Affordable Care Act
  • Corporate Counsel 2014: Affordable Care Act
  • Labor & Employment: Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Employment
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2015
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2014
  • 18th Annual Labor & Employment Forum
  • Corporate Counsel 2013: Corporate Compliance Overviews
  • Let's Talk SHOP: Small Business Health Options Program [Mobile Ready]
  • Corporate Counsel: Compliance Overviews
  • Corporate Counsel: HIPAA, HITECH Act and ADAAA
  • Corporate Counsel: Governance Update
  • Corporate Counsel: Employment and Labor Law
  • Corporate Counsel: Whistleblower
  • Corporate Counsel Forum 2013: What's New?
  • I Did It Their Way..Compliance Issues Update

Ms. Shirk worked as an attorney for the federal government, Tennessee state government, and in the corporate legal departments for several insurance companies and agencies. In 2011, she transitioned from giving legal advice to consulting on human resources issues through her company, Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC. She helps small business owners navigate compliance risks related to human resources, including employee benefits. She does educational presentations on employee/HR topics, including the Affordable Care Act. She writes a weekly blog, www.hrcompliancejungle.com. She also contributes to several other blogs and newsletters. Her hobbies include studying military history.