Faculty Profile: Stephen Jasper

Stephen JasperBass Berry & Sims - Nashville
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  • Tennessee Tax Law Update 2013
  • Current Developments in TN Tax Law and Estate Planning
  • Litigation Forum 2013

Steve Jasper is a member at Bass, Berry & Sims PLC in Nashville where he represents clients in negotiations and a wide range of tax disputes regarding Tennessee's sales and use tax, franchise and excise taxes, business tax, and property taxes. He works directly with the Tennessee Department of Revenue and other taxing authorities to resolve clients' tax issues. In addition, Steve regularly engages in the legislative process, advocating for legislation to protect his clients' interests and monitoring legislation that may increase their tax liability. As a reflection of his experience in state tax matters, on multiple occasions Steve has been selected by the Tennessee Department of Revenue to help draft major rewrites to significant portions of Tennessee’s tax statutes. Steve can be reached at sjasper@bassberry.com.