Faculty Profile: Willie Santana

Willie SantanaLincoln Memorial University
Previous Courses Taught (2)
  • Criminal Law Basics 2021: Torres v. Collins — What the Preliminary Injunction Order in Hamblen Co. Means for Your Representation
  • Better Right Now 2021

Willie Santana is a professor at Lincoln Memorial University’s Duncan School of Law. Prior to this, Santana was assistant public defender for the Third Judicial District of Tennessee where he represented indigent clients in criminal matters. He was one of two lawyer trainers in Knoxville’s Enhanced Training and Services to End Abuse in Later Life Program and is founder and past Chairman of HOLA Lakeway, an organization dedicated to facilitating the integration of immigrant families into the fabric of the community. In 2016, he chaired Senator Rubio’s presidential campaign in Hamblen County, where he also board of the Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society and the Federal Defender Services of East Tennessee. Santana this year received the Tennessee Bar Association’s prestigious Claudia Jack Award f or his efforts in challenging unconstitutional pretrial practices.