Faculty Profile: William Fortunato

William FortunatoPatterson Sheridan300 N Greene St Ste 2050 Greensboro, NC 27401-2175 Work Phone: (336) 218-6043Website: http://www.pattersonsheridan.comEmail Address:
Previous Courses Taught (3)
  • Intellectual Property: Vile Trademarks and How to Protect Software using IP
  • Intellectual Property 2018: CLE Bytes
  • Inventor Legal & Business Boot Camp

Bill works with his clients to determine how they can leverage their intellectual properties to further their business goals. Whether clients aim to expand their patent portfolios, establish trademarks, or protect themselves from infringers, Bill recognizes that providing competent and cost-effective services is key to his clients’ success. Bill’s previous industry experience informs his legal work and his hands-on approach to handling clients’ needs. Prior to his career in the law, Bill worked in a variety of roles throughout the electrical industry, from software engineer to production manager, and from repair technician to design engineer. Bill’s broad experience provides insight into how his clients use intellectual property throughout their daily operations and how to holistically approach clients’ specific needs related to intellectual property. Outside of the office, Bill enjoys reading, improving his grasp of foreign languages, and jiu jitsu.