Faculty Profile: Corey Zadik

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Corey Zadik uses the science of positive psychology and the techniques of solution-focused coaching to help individuals, teams, and organizations focus, perform, and relate more effectively. Corey received training from the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching, and is among fewer than 400 graduates of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania. Positive psychology is the study of well-being in individuals, communities, and organizations and the factors that promote it.
Corey has had a lifelong interest in how people learn and change in positive ways. He is also a graduate of Oberlin College, and has previous experience in education and software engineering, where he learned firsthand the benefits of cultivating mindfulness and positive relationships. Having lost more than his share of family and friends to suicide, Corey is inspired to promote not only the science of what makes life worth living, but also the transformational experiences that lead people toward their own purpose. Find Corey at his website,http://reasontobehere.com