Faculty Profile: Sarah McKinnis

Sarah McKinnisWillowBend Farms, Inc.
Previous Courses Taught (1)
  • Juvenile and Children's Law Forum 2021

Sarah McKinnis is the CEO and Founder of WillowBend Farms, Inc.,  an Anti-Trafficking agency in TN focused on the full spectrum of Supply and Demand.  As a survivor, entrepreneur, author and speaker, Sarah founded WillowBend Farms, Inc with a heart for restoration of survivors, prevention in communities, emergency rescues and demand reduction.

She is fiercely committed to educating and mobilizing community partners, creating a collaborative environment with federal, state and local LE agencies, other NGO's and community members to make massive steps of change in  Human Trafficking. She has dedicated the last five years to building an organization that leads the way in the entire lower East of Tennessee that is now affecting state change, but more importantly life change for survivors.