Faculty Profile: J. Wilkerson

J. WilkersonTennessee Bureau of Investigation
Previous Courses Taught (1)
  • Juvenile and Children's Law Forum 2021

A career law enforcement officer, Wilkerson is employed as a Special Agent – Criminal Investigator with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. He has been so employed for over twenty years.  Currently Agent Wilkerson is assigned to the Human Trafficking unit at TBI.
Wilkerson holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Education from Middle Tennessee State University.  For the past twenty years Wilkerson has worked as an adjunct professor having taught in the Criminal Justice Departments of Tennessee State University and Middle Tennessee State University.  In addition to introductory courses he instructs upper division courses focusing on Criminal Investigations, Human Trafficking and Security Administration.   
Throughout his time with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, he has obtained a great deal of experience in the investigation of a wide variety of cases including drug investigations, homicide, money laundering, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, murder-for-hire and officer involved use-of-force situations. He regularly conducts classes for law enforcement officers in the subjects of human trafficking, close quarters conflict control, firearms, undercover operations, investigative techniques and numerous other topics.