Faculty Profile: Dillon Mysliwiec

Dillon MysliwiecThe Upstate Sound LLC

Dillon Mysliwiec is an Engineer, turned marketer, turned serial entrepreneur. He started his career at an industrial manufacturing plant in upstate New York as a Design Engineer and later as a Controls Engineer. During this time he began his self-education journey. He started with books and online courses, and eventually attended conferences and masterminds. He began offering graphic design, content creation, and website design to various clients and eventually pivoted to social media marketing. In 2016 he launched Artistic Development and Design, a marketing agency offering digital marketing services and marketing consulting. In 2017, he launched SeerNova Comics LLC, a digital comic book publishing company. In 2019, he moved to Nashville, and here several more businesses were started. The Upstate Sound LLC was founded in 2020. This became a holding company in 2021 when three new businesses were created, Upstate Management LLC, Upstate Music Publishing LLC, and Upstate Management LLC. Then, later in 2021 two more subsidiaries were added, Upstate Records LLC and Upstate Live LLC.

In 2012, prior to leaving his Engineering job, Dillon discovered Cryptocurrencies. Having invested in to some of the major players (BTC, ETH, LTC) he dove deeper into crypto to learn more. Since then, he's studied James Altucher's methods for Crypto investing and Gary Vaynerchuk's NFT project, name VeeFriends. With his background in entertainment, he's begun looking into various ways to utilize NFTs to grow these organizations, both in traffic and in profits. In late 2022, or early 2023, he is planning to implement NFT into his comic book and music ventures. Having studied the industry quite extensively, he's confident the NFT space will be a new frontier for those in the creative and entertainment spaces.