Faculty Profile: Ahmet Bulbulkaya

Ahmet BulbulkayaTennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
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  • Environmental Law Forum 2022

Ahmet Bulbulkaya is an Environmental Fellow for TDEC’s Division of Remediation and is one of the main authors of a new vapor intrusion guidance specific to Brownfield projects being managed under the State’s Voluntary Cleanup, Oversite and Assistance Program (VOAP). He has been involved in assessing the vapor intrusion pathway at hazardous substance sites since the late 1990’s when he was hired by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality shortly after the inception of their Voluntary Remediation Program. In 2010 he began working for TDEC’s Division of Remediation (DoR). In his various roles with DoR over the years he has provided technical advice and assistance on a variety of vapor intrusion issues including characterization and mitigation. Ahmet has a master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology from the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment.