Faculty Profile: Lindsay Jones

Lindsay JonesMerchant Gould
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  • Intellectual Property Law Forum 2023

Lindsay Jones is an intellectual property attorney with Merchant & Gould’s Minneapolis office. Focusing her practice on trademark work, Lindsay helps companies protect their highly cherished IP assets through both strategy and litigation.

With experience working in the professional sports and entertainment industry, Lindsay understands the importance of protecting the proprietary and creative assets at the forefront of highly-visible companies’ brand strategy.

Competitive business organizations share an attachment to their creative endeavors and proprietary inventions. Lindsay serves these firms by securing their federal rights in their intellectual property assets as well as protecting and defending their assets from trademark infringement and counterfeiting, trade dress infringement, cybersquatting, oppositions and cancellation proceedings, and copyright infringement.

As an advocate for each client, Lindsay helps companies create robust brand strategies and aids them in managing their intellectual property portfolios. Should a need for brand protection arise, she will never hesitate to fully assert her client’s rights and protect their assets.

Lindsay’s business background gives her the ability to identify creative solutions that work at the speed of business and that are specifically tailored to a client’s overarching corporate and brand management strategy. She makes it a point to understand the long-term goals of each company, creating a legal strategy that supports and strengthens those aspirations.

Above all, Lindsay aims to be a true strategic partner, sharing the company’s connection to each asset. From the early stages of identifying and securing protection in intellectual property assets to the protection of each asset throughout its lifetime, Lindsay is there to provide the legal support companies need for defense and success.

Lindsay received her B.S. in Sports Management and Business and her J.D. from the University of Minnesota. In her spare time, she loves to travel, try new restaurants, and hike.