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Wellness for Our Profession


For years, concerns have been raised about emotional distress, dissatisfaction, and unprofessional behavior in the legal profession. This program will focus on studies and findings about what does and does not influence wellbeing in the legal profession. First, you will hear from Michael Ethridge who recently launched his own law firm and is actively trying to incorporate the science of wellbeing into the development of his firm. Next, Professor Larry Krieger will discuss his recent study of over 6,000 lawyers guided by a well-established psychological theory called Self-Determination Theory. Finally, Anne Brafford will talk about tips for applying Self-Determination Theory in the workplace.

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Good thoughts about wellness in the profession - this is a tough issue and not getting easier.

Refreshing presentation.

Very informative and useful information.

Reinforced current understanding of motivational behavior and introduced new ideas and methodology. Reinforced my path to my legal practice and why it remains rewarding over the years.

This is one of the best CLE's I've seen. I actually cried a few times. I stopped practicing law as a young attorney, because I felt undervalued and lost my confidence. I think with mentorship, I could be an excellent attorney at a fulfilling workplace. I have so much passion, but I feel it is undervalued in our numbers driven field. It is nice to know I am not the only one who feels this way. I try to break the news to new attorneys easy about how difficult it is going to be in our profession. There are too many people graduating law school who are just dumped into the world with zero guidance, and it leads to great depression. They need to be educated on what the real world looks like for attorneys, and/or we desperately need more firms to take the approaches given in this video. It is nice to see other people are offering solutions to the mental issues everyone suffers, but nobody talks about.

The talk is much more applicable to lawyers in large organizations than it is for solo practitioners.

This would be a great required course for all attorneys that has any W-2 or 1099 employees.

This was good for me to hear, the profession can be troubling.

This presentation was extremely beneficial in today's climate. I thoroughly enjoyed the presenter's comments and understanding of the personal battles attorneys face.

Mike Etheridge was very inspiring.

Glad to finish the year with such an insightful topic to incorporate in our day-to-day practice in the new year!


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