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Crash Course CLE: Document Design for Lawyers


Are you still holding down the space bar or tab key to move your signature block across the page? Repeatedly hitting the return key to push your certificate of service to the next page? What about those tables of contents for appellate briefs? Do you know how to format them properly? Effective document design about much more than aesthetics. It shows professionalism, gives you credibility, and even saves your clients money. Legal writer Tiffany Johnson of QP Legal will teach you how to make the most of Microsoft Word when drafting legal documents.

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It's always nice to learn a new tip or trick or two. I knew much of the content, but I did learn some useful things.

Many MS Word mysteries solved, thanks!

This was a good presentation and one that I still need further work with to be proficient. The presenter did a great job and I liked how she walked you through it.

I've been working with Word for a long time and think I know it pretty well, but I learned a lot of good formatting tricks by watching and listening to Ms. Johnson and downloading her course materials. Thank you!

I'd love an advanced version of this same training.

The presenter has excellent knowledge of the subject matter and did a good job of presenting the material in a clear and concise manner.

I was happy to learn about easier, quicker ways for formatting captions, page numbers, tables of contents and of authorities, and text in general.

Very professional advice and tips on preparing documents for court.

I really appreciated the tips on making the documents much easier to work with.

This was a very helpful presentation. It was interesting to learn some of the tricks for Microsoft Word. I think this will be extremely useful when drafting documents. 

Great presentation on an important topic that is often assumed everyone knows the answers to.

I learned the format of Word that I was unaware of! Interesting presentation!

Excellent, excellent presentation. Content is pertinent and the presentation style holds interest.

Very specific advice for legal writing, excellent presentation!

Ms. Johnson's presentation was extremely informative and helpful, and the time flew by. Excellent presentation!

Thank you - even though I do not litigate it was very helpful


This course is no longer available for purchase.

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  • Dual PowerPoint and video presentation
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Viewable on desktop, iPad, and mobile
Course Credits Dual Credits: 1.00
General Credits: 0.00
Total Credits: 1

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