Tax Law, Ethics, Business Law

Business Law 2020: The Day in the Life of a Typical (and Ethical) Business Lawyer - A Panel Discussion


Tennessee attorneys who practice business law – even those who don’t consider themselves tax practitioners – are often faced with various tax questions from clients, sometimes on a daily basis. For example, a single client matter may involve both Tennessee and federal tax issues, such as allocation of profits and losses among members of an LLC, franchise and excise taxes, estate taxes, recording taxes, PILOTs and other tax incentives. This session will examine tax- related topics that all Tennessee business practitioners should, and are likely ethically obligated, to be versed in, and will further analyze when and how to ethically engage with other attorneys and non-attorneys (such as CPAs) to assist clients with their tax matters.


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It was very helpful, particular the parts calling out how to handle tax implications of what we do as business lawyers.

Good overview of some dense material. Thank you.


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