Dispute Resolution, Family Law

Non-Monetary Issues in Family Law Disputes


Produced by the Dispute Resolution Section, this roundtable-style CLE session offers attendees an opportunity to interactively converse about non-monetary issues that arise in family law disputes.

 Here's the scenario: This is a divorce and custody case.

Father is a highly compensated professional and mother has been a stay-at-home mother for two children in middle school. There is a dispute as to mother's employability. The parties are currently separated and Father has not had unsupervised parenting time.

Mother wants to relocate out-of-state six hours away to be near her family. Father's professional practice is in the county and he objects to mother's relocation with the minor children.

Mother fears that father is a functioning alcoholic and does not want him to have unsupervised time with the children. There is anecdotal evidence that father drinks to excess. However, Father has never had a DUI, criminal charge or treatment, and has consistently maintained his practice. Father denies any problem. Mother truly believes Father is an alcoholic and fears unsupervised parenting of the children. Mother is insistent upon a restriction against any consumption of alcohol during Father's parenting time.

Father has a much younger girlfriend who has been staying overnight with Father since the separation. Mother is very religious and has a strong belief that exposing the children to this situation would do harm psychological and/ or moral harm to them.

This roundtable will walk through the above fact scenario with Ms. Ramer discussing litigation tactics and strategy and Mr. Larramore discussing the process of negotiating a resolution. Special attention will be paid to the non-economic elements of the dispute, including mother's fears regarding father's alcoholism and mother's insistence on a paramour provision.

This program will take place on a Zoom meeting, and we encourage all participants to keep their cameras on. The Zoom meeting will allow attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts with the speakers and other attendees in a safe, virtual setting.

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