A 2021 Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing


An update to our most popular legal writing course, Become a Persuasive Legal Writer by Mastering this Secret Lawyer Skill, join the "CLE Performer" Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he teaches us how to make our legal writings clear, concise and direct.

Get down and dirty with some technicalities of sentence structure, get the lowdown on Stuart's "Shortwriting" method for reducing long sentences, and get the skinny on "the only punctuation you'll ever need to know."


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The rare CLE that is informative and interesting.

I think it's good to know that not everything that we learned in law school writing classes is still true.

The speaker is great. Very useful information and style tips for improving legal writing and wiring and speaking in general.

This was a useful presentation on how to express yourself clearly in writing. It used helpful strategies and gave example of pitfalls. Great content and entertaining host!

Great presentation

Great presentation! One of the most entertaining CLEs I've watched lately!

Excellent presenter!

Too much! My favorite new thing was that the last sentence of each paragraph should be the transition to the next issue. I’d always heard something like that, but it didn’t click until Stuart explained what came before that sentence, as well as what the sentence should contain to be effective. This was a fantastic CLE—please keep him coming back! If he wanted feedback, I’d say (1) he should probably slow down when he’s speaking; and (2) he should probably organize his Power Point a bit better to eliminate or explain overlaps and do recaps so the audience could keep up with where they are in the overall presentation. I usually have trouble finding printed materials after I’ve watched a CLE, so I may be contacting someone about that. Thanks!

Very entertaining look at legal writing. I enjoyed the way it steps back and objectively reviews some of the ridiculous things we say as lawyers.

This was a great reminder of the lessons I should have learned in my expository writing class (over 50 years ago). Stuart Teicher is an excellent teacher. I wish I had taken one of his courses. And I would definitely like to see more of his courses.

Wow! Where was he when I was in law school? He's awesome!


This course is no longer available for purchase.

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Course Credits Dual Credits: 3.00
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Total Credits: 3

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