Criminal Law

CL(U)E Nashville


Join the TBA for a CLE like you have never experienced before. In this unique adventure you and your team will be tasked with solving a murder mystery. Along the way you will learn of some of the recent changes to Tennessee criminal law, gain three hours of CLE credit and have a lot of fun in the process. The interactive experience will take you to some of downtown Nashville’s most interesting landmarks, where you will solve puzzles, earn clues and engage is a multitude of interactive scenarios that will teach the law and help you solve the murder. Prizes will be awarded to the first three winning teams along with a lifetime of bragging rights. So, wear your best walking shoes and get ready to compete with, and against, your colleagues. Participation is limited, and fellow sleuths are 'dying' to join in. Register today before the killer gets away.

How it works:

Attendees will receive a handbook, map, puzzles, clues and a compendium of recent changes to Tennessee criminal law to help them in their journey.

This event features walking outdoors, weather permitting. All landmarks and event stations are within a half-mile radius.

Witnesses and informants will be at each event station to assist you with your investigation. 


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Course Pricing
  • Section: 175.00
  • Member: 200.00
  • Non-Member: 375.00 (Includes TBA Complete Membership)
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Course Information May 20, 2022
  • Schedule: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Nashville, TN
Nashville Public Library Downtown
  • Section Member Discount
Course Credits Dual Credits: 0.00
General Credits: 3.00
Total Credits: 3

This program will be filed for Tennessee CLE credit. Please contact TBA for Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama credit.