Corporate Counsel, Labor and Employment

Corporate Counsel: As the Pendulum Swings


This course provides a labor and employment law update that covers recent activity by the Tennessee legislature and Congress, including paid leave, minimum wage, and discrimination laws.  It also looks at the regulatory shift in labor priorities between the Trump and the Biden administrations.

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How laws have changed since the Biden administration has taken office and the importance of notifying clients of changes.

Ms. Shirk was very knowledgeable and offered great cases to support her presentation. Her views on the shifting dynamics of the cases through different administrations was very interesting.

Excellent, engaging, and very comprehensive presentation by Norma Shirk. It was very valuable. Thank you.

Well done- A very good presenter and informative, current information.

great job.

Great updates and presenter: 5 stars!

Very comprehensive and to the point


This course is no longer available for purchase.