Corporate Counsel, Administrative Law, Federal Law, Appellate Practice

Corporate Counsel: Covid-Related Decisions from State and Federal Appellate Courts

An Administrative Law Perspective

As state and federal appellate courts begin to examine the numerous Covid-related restrictions that have emanated from local, state, and federal entities over the past two years, it is important to remain apprised of evolving case precedent related to the emergency powers of government officials. Although some of these COVID-related policies have come from legislative bodies, executive branch officials -- particularly those in administrative agencies -- are often leading the way. Thus, an examination of judicial review of such policies inherently implicates an assessment of key administrative law principles, which this presentation will provide. Discussion will revolve around key decisions from state and federal courts -- including the Supreme Court of the United States. Other recent court decisions from the realm of administrative law that could have tangential application for this topic also will be discussed. 

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What a bargain. Loaded with very useful material.

Dr. Sharma is incredibly knowledgeable and an excellent lecturer. This was one of the best and timely CLE courses I have taken. The materials were succinct and on point.

Excellent CLE.

The presenters did a good job of laying out all of the case law regarding covid from the last two years. It was interesting that there was precedent before the pandemic and how different courts approach the same issue. I also found it incredibly interesting to hear of employment vaccine requirements. Overall, a good session.

Lots of material - covered well! Great COVID update with some good practice tips!


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