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Corporate Counsel Forum 2023: From Vaccine Mandates, to Student Loans, to EPA Powers: Recent Supreme Court Administrative Law Decisions


Although administrative law decisions have historically tended to be scant at our nation's highest Court, the past three years have provided ample opportunity for the justices to review administrative agency actions. For instance, we have seen vaccine mandates struck down and upheld in different contexts. EPA powers have been limited in some areas related to carbon emissions. Immigration cases related to DACA and what the media has called "Title 42" have taken center stage. Even use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been curtailed by the justices. Moreover, ATF powers in the realm of "gun control" have been evaluated. Overall, numerous hot-button issues that can impact the lives of everyday Americans fall under the rubric of "administrative law" -- and ultimately, the Supreme Court's interpretation of what constitutes a valid agency action, and what does not, should be a consideration for all practicing attorneys. This presentation will offer an update on relevant high Court case precedent from the past three years in the field of administrative law.

Dr. Hemant Sharma, University of Tennessee

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Dr. Sharma is always a fantastic person to listen to. He makes the materials engaging and relevant to every day life as opposed to limiting it to the theoretical. One of the best presenters and one of the best professors I've ever had the privilege of interacting with.


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