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Attorney Wellness Inside and Out - TBA Convention


In recent years, there has been an ever-increasing awareness of the challenges of maintaining wellbeing while working in the legal field though it often can be the key to building and maintaining a successful and fulfilling legal career.  This two-part program will feature a panel of judges and attorneys who will candidly discuss the challenges of managing wellbeing in the legal field both on an individual level and a group level. 

In Part One, the panel discussion will focus on the impact wellbeing (or lack of) has on productivity; how to establish healthy and sustainable habits; how to reach out and seek support from those inside and outside of the workplace, including finding sponsors and mentors); and how mentoring can be used as a tool to promote individual and group wellbeing for those of all ages and experience levels.

In Part Two, the panel will discuss finding professional help (including therapists) and experiences from attorneys that have embracing their vulnerabilities to come out stronger on the other side.

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