ChatGPT, Siri, and Alexa are Out to Get You


AI is coming for lawyers. Whether it’s ChatGPT, virtual assistants, or other new technology, lawyers are at risk. Join the CLE Performer Stuart Teicher as he explores the never-ending problems with the hottest technologies. Rule 1.1 and Rule 1.6 discussed.

This program will be rebroadcasted in December.

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One of the best CLE speakers that I have ever heard.

This was a fantastic program. Speaker was excellent and the relevance of the emerging technologies was super informative

Really learned a lot - good speaker.

I really enjoy his presentations -- they're easy to pay attention to and have a lot of useful tips.

This presenter did a very nice job. He was well prepared and had very good slides.

The presenter is knowledgeable and engaging.

I love this man - he cracks me up and is a great teacher.

Great ties between AI and ethical rules.

Engaging speaker. Valuable content.

I appreciated his points about "overseeing" technology, such as AI. He also mentioned ChatGPT's tendency to assert made-up facts to make a point. I had never considered that before. Super helpful!

This was more like it; the best presentation of a CLE I ever saw. Use this guy more often--too many of our own are dull as dishwater.

He’s great

Plenty of talk to push me to being more careful.

Great presenter!


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