Immigration Law

Immigration Law Basics 2023: Five Easy Pieces...To Successfully Launch Your Immigration Practice


Using movie titles for each subject, this session will cover “five easy pieces” to develop and manage your own law firm. This session is geared towards the upcoming and new lawyer. It will address education and CLE recommendations, client development, and ethics, among other topics.

  1. School of Rock. If still a student, classes and internships that will prepare you for immigration practice. If recent graduate, important CLE and other courses to take.
  2. Justice for All. How to get your first client. How to choose (and not choose) the right clients to  build your practice.
  3. Catch Me If You Can.  Ethics. Special immigration ethical issues, including dual representation in marriage and employment cases.
  4. Imitation Game.  Data management. A review of database management programs specifically designed for an immigration practice, billing programs, and other software.
  5. RBG.  Bar associations, your library, and other resources needed for a successful practice

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