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Medical-Legal Partnerships: A New Healthcare Delivery Model for Vulnerable Populations


Attorneys frequently do not see clients until a situation has become a crisis, long after the legal issues have begun to affect family health and well-being. Conventional legal services can be likened to acute care or emergency room services aimed at crisis management and stabilization, rather than preventive care services. This presentation will highlight the innovative approach medical-legal partnerships (MLP) use to provide legal services in a setting where legal issues affecting health and well-being can be addressed before they become legal and potentially medical emergencies.

The presentation demonstrates how an inter-professional community collaboration, MLPs, can improve health status through integrated care for patients from disadvantaged backgrounds. Too often, professionals care for patients in silos without a coordinated, systems approach to solving not only the medical problems but also other non-medical problems that impede access to care, reduce compliance and potentially exacerbate the original medical problem.

Presenters will show that by combining the healthcare expertise of hospital professionals with the legal expertise of lawyers, the resulting coordinated services provide an integrated approach to addressing the socio-economic factors that impact health. This approach results in a coordinated, inter-professional program that improves access to care, access to financial resources for many patients, and improved patient health and well-being.

For more programing on Medical Legal Partnerships, please join us on March 30 for advanced topics and networking with lawyers and doctors. 

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